What’s it like to have a cougar life?

have a cougar life?

Why do so many men fall for cougars? What makes these woman tick and what attracts them the most? How does one seduce cougars? And how does he keep them?

In these times full of twisted trends and perverted tastes, more and more men are starting to search for an alternative which will remind them what a true romantic and passionate relationship feels and looks like. In fact, the older and more experienced they get, the more they think about trying their luck with cougars. But in order to successfully seduce a cougar, one first needs to understand the essence of cougar dating.

What cougars women want?

Contrary to popular belief, cougar women yearn for love and romance as much as any other women. But they usually like to maintain an image of being strong and independent. Combined with their reputation of “hunting” younger guys, they are usually perceived as lustful individuals who only think about sex and having fun. And in a way, they do. But they also like to feel loved and appreciated.

What attracts cougars?

Obviously, cougars are attracted to men who are not afraid to experiment and who will gladly appreciate them for what they are. Cougars like to be in a company of a real man who knows his way around women, but is not afraid to show his emotions and affectations. They also value guys who know how to treat them like ladies.

How to find cougars?

First of all, you need to know where to look for them. Cougars usually like to hang out in bars and clubs, where they meet all kinds of younger men and pick them out. But if you don’t like going out to such places, you can always try your luck with cougar dating sites, which will grant you access to lots of lonely cougars in your area willing to meet you. So go ahead and try one of them.

How to seduce a cougar?

If you start dating a cougar, you will soon realize just how easy it is to talk to her and make a move. Unlike younger women, who are often insecure and even unsure what is that they are seeking in a relationship, cougars are experienced players in the love game who know exactly what they want. And they are not afraid to go for it. So if you’re looking to meet cougars, just remember to be a gentleman and treat her like a lady. Show her that you like her and that you are interested in seeing her again. Throw in a couple of compliments and pretty soon you will notice her falling for you.

How to build a long-term relationship with a cougar?

Now, don’t get cocky just because you managed to seduce her. Cougars are not new to love problems and disappointments. So if you plan to keep her, you need to show her how much she means to you. Learn to respect her wishes and tastes, and talk with her about everything. Establish a connection and show her that you like her not only as a date, but as a partner. She will notice it, and she will return the favor.

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