Want To Try Transsexual Dating? Simple Guide To Meeting Trans Women

transsexual dating

There are literally millions of straight men who find trans women arousing. So if you find trans girls attractive, don’t worry, you are not alone. Dating trans women is not longer done in the shadows. Today, there are plenty of niche sites out there, so naturally there are those for dating trans women.

Unfortunately, many guys fetishize trans women. All that porn has lead them to think that all trans ladies work in the adult film industry. However, the truth is completely different. There are transgenders who work as escorts and prostitutes, but there are also those who have decent jobs and lead a quiet family life. If you are interested in transsexual dating, keep reading.

Finding your lady

It may come as a surprise but a bunch of guys likes dating trans women. The easiest way to meet your trans lady is to log into one of the trans dating sites. Many trans women have chosen to find love online where they can be themselves. Here they don’t have to explain to their date that they have something extra in their pants. Even if she looks like Eva Mendes her date will freak out if he finds out that she has a the same thing he does (and he isn’t into sword fighting). That is why trans women go online where they can anonymously chat with guys who are genuinely interested in them. So, if you want to go on transgender dates, you can meet your potential partner with only several clicks.

Forget about porn

When you ask a girl you met through TG personals out on a date, don’t treat her like an actress in a porn movie. She is like any other girl and she is looking for a guy who will treat her with respect. If you treat her like some kind of a sex puppet, she will feel humiliated, frustrated and degraded. Under any circumstances do not fetishize her. Just because trans porn is all over the Internet doesn’t mean she is the girl who will fulfill your dirty fantasizes. If you just want that, forget about dating. But if you really like a trans girl, treat her like a lady she is. Keep in mind that she probably has a regular job just like you and doesn’t want to have a leading role in someone’s fantasy.

Keep your conversation gender neutral

Stick to the topics which have nothing to do with sex or gender at all.  Ask them about their job, family, interests or hobbies. Talk to her about your plans for the future and your life goals.  Forget about asking her about her birth given name, her current situation below the waist or her sex life. Anything you wouldn’t ask a cis girl, don’t ask your trans date. It is completely inappropriate to ask them if they worked in porn industry. Would you ask any other girl that question? We didn’t think so. If you ask her that you won’t get your answer, however you will probably get slapped.

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