Trans Dating 101: Get Ready For Your Date In 4 Easy Steps

transgender date

Dating can be confusing, tricky and complicated, especially when you are a trans woman, so don’t jump back in the saddle without any preparations. Learn how to dress to impress before you start dating again because going out in your gym clothes (even if you are just grabbing a cup of coffee) won’t dazzle your potential match. Therefore make sure you are all dolled up before you leave your house. If this comes as surprise to you, you should really read the following if you want to be ready for your transgender date.

Mute those wedding bells

Don’t stress about your upcoming date. Look at it this way, you are just going out to stretch your legs, meet someone new, have a cup of coffee and if anything happens, happens. If not, at least you didn’t spend the whole afternoon wasting time in front of a TV. When you don’t expect or assume anything, you feel more relaxed and you don’t get disappointed. Basically, it is a win-win situation.

Loosen up beforehand

There are surely some things that get in you in a good mood. It can be anything from dancing around your house in your underwear to watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube. Whatever it is, do it! That way you will arrive on your date with a huge smile on your face, which will leave a great impression from the start.

Shave, wax, tuck, pluck

We know that you are a fabulous female, so make sure you present yourself to the world as one. Therefore, shower before your date and get rid of all those pesky hairs which are ruining your femme image. Make a hairstyle that suits your outfit and put some makeup on. Keep in mind that when you look good, you feel good, so taking care of yourself will help you feel more confident.

Don’t talk about your past

Even if he is interested in knowing your birth name or asks you about your transition, try to change the subject in a subtle way. After all, you are looking for someone who will love you for who you are, not who you’ve been. Therefore, try to focus on your current interests and future goals, rather than on your past.

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