Top tips how to date a fitness freak

Top tips to date a fitness freak

If you are a runner (or any kind of a sportsperson) then you know how hard is to find someone who can do that morning jog with you and while running to tell you about her dream that she had last night.

But, worry no more! There are many sites dedicated to fitness singles who are looking for their workout partner. There are people in different kind of sports and activities and you don’t necessarily have to stick to your preferable sport. Maybe your true love is that yoga instructor, or maybe weight lifter girl. Who knows?!
Searching for love or just a hookup can be hard sometimes. Using only your username and few basic information can lead to many pointless conversations and chats. But you have to continue looking for that perfect match. Because maybe you two are the next fitness couple of the century!

First date, first activity

When you are “taking out” someone who tends to spend half of their day moving around in one way or another, you don’t take them to a restaurant or a coffee shop for a latte. You take them to a place where they can feel like in their natural habitat. These people LOVE to be active. And even more when someone understands how important that is to them. So, listen carefully when you are using that chat and remember all the favorite places to take your runner.

Don’t try too hard

If you are not a sports person you shouldn’t force yourself into it. They will notice if you’re not enjoying your activity and that is not productive at all for your (future) relationship. Maybe you don’t want to run, or go to gym, but there are plenty of activities that does not include sweating like a pig. For example you could go hiking but not Mount Everest, maybe some local hill. Also, picnic would be great reason for going out.

Just do it!

Maybe you are not in great shape. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. For starters, if jogging or gym are too hard for you, rent a bike, or buy roller blades. Those two are the perfect way to get yourself in shape but to have fun! It can be your secret activity (if you want to surprise your fitness SO), but you can do it together. Maybe they need a rest from their everyday training, so this will be fun thing to change a routine.


The last place where you should be trying to catch the attention of your girl of interest is the gym. Gym girls are very dedicated to their training routine and they don’t want to waste their time on chatting and just walking around. They came to beat that machines and they will do it! Everything you can do there is sit (or work out) and watch. Later, you can talk about everything and anything, but training time is training time.

You don’t have to be a jog to catch up with her. Gym girls are usually ordinary girls who just love to stay fit and healthy. Try to understand and support her, and she will support you when you’re out of your breath trying not to die on your 4th mile.

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