Top 5 Reasons For Snapchat’s Insane Popularity

celebrity Snapchat names

Snapchat is as popular as ever among its users, no matter what it’s stock says. Roughly every other post-millennials in the country has used the app directly or indirectly at one point in their life. There have to be several reasons why Snapchat is so popular, and today we’d like to explore those reasons in detail, starting with celebrity Snapchat names that make the user experience more special.

#1: Celeb Snapchat Names

Every Snapchatter creates their own username that is used to identify their account. When it comes to celebrities, their usernames range from just their legal names to their alter egos to letting their creative juices flow. Up until last winter, you had to know the exact username of a person you were searching for, while now the search function is much improved so this is no longer necessary.

#2: Cute Emojis

Emojis are only reserved for special Snapchat users who have large followings, are famous, and Snapchat likes them. Emojis come with verified accounts or “official” stories, indicating that the account holder is super important. Celebrities like them because they are a testament to their popularity, while other users find them cute, especially if they agree with their favorite actor’s or singer’s choice of emoji.

#3: Funky Filters

Funky filters are Snapchat’s signature feature that is being splashed all over the internet. In addition to making every snap funnier and more engaging for the creator and the audience, these filters are extremely fun to play around with, and in case of celebrities reveal their goofy side. They let the users have a fun and interactive experience on the platform with their dog ears, flower goddess crowns, and distorted faces.

#4: Fewer Ads

Unlike its competition, Snapchat not only has fewer ads, but the ones it does have are created so the fans can, you’ve guess it, play with them like they play with every other feature of the app. This is super important because basically in every other case on the planet the users hate advertisements, but Snapchat even makes marketing cool.

#5: Disappearing Posts

Disappearing posts are what put Snapchat on the map in the first place. The evanescent nature of the app first made it a favorite sexting app among teenagers, but all the other features helped get Snapchat out of the sexting mud, making it appealing to all sorts of users who were sick and tired of Facebook and Instagram.

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