Top 5 Gay Slang Terms You’ll Ever Hear [INFOGRAPHIC]

gay slang

Check out these top 5 gay slang terms you absolutely need to know if you want to join a closed gay group.

Gay Slang

Language is a truly beautiful thing. It is said that language is the foundation of civilization. Well, we can’t argue with that. It’s definitely one of the most important things for humans all around the world. It helps people to communicate. Many societies and various groups are built around it. In our modern society, there are many different groups that speak their own language or have their own special slang. Take gay people, for example, they were molested and mocked for centuries, so they had to invent their own special way of communication. This is exactly how gay slang was invented. If you’re interested in this unique form of spoken language, stick around and see the top 5 terms gay people use on a daily basis.

Basket Shopping

You may think that this particular term is something closely related to same sex parenting, but you would be wrong. This absolutely brilliant term is much more sexual than you may think. It’s a gay slang for checking someone out, but not the whole person, just their “package”. Basket shopping is a pretty subtle term that gay people use to objectify other homosexuals. It sounds offensive and a little bit aggressive, but it’s no different than looking at a woman’s cleavage. It’s actually less offensive because these guys are browsing other people packages through their clothes.

Nine-Dollar Bill

As you probably already know, gay people who are open about their sexuality can be rather outward. There is a famous saying that describes gay people and it goes like this – he is queerer than a three-dollar bill. Now, just imagine what a nine-dollar bill means. Yes, you got it, it’s a term for a gay person who is three times queerer than usual. So, if by any chance you know someone who fits this description, don’t hesitate to use this awesome gay slang term.

Yard Boy

Everybody loves outdoor sex, right? Well, at least they’re fantasizing about public intercourse. However, “yard boys” are homosexual men who are in love with this particular act. They literally get off when they’re doing it in public. The adrenaline of the whole thing is simply too tempting for them, so they prefer this type of sex. Yard boys are so into it, that they would rather have public sex than regular intercourse. Crazy, right?

Zipper Club

Well, since we’re already talking about public sex, it would be a damn shame not to mention one of the most extravagant sex acts in the entire gay culture. Yes, “zipper club” stands for a huge, massive orgy or a group sex that takes place in public. This term also stands for a big sex party in a bathtub or a public bar. It’s fair to say that most extravagant “yard boys” are fantasizing about being a part of this particular event.

Passion Fruit

You probably know all those pejorative terms that straight men use to label gay people, but have you ever wondered how gay folks call heterosexual males? Passion fruit is what gay man call guys who act extremely straight. This is a term specifically invented for those dudes who are trying their hardest to come across as a traditionally masculine Alfa male. They are really passionate about it, so “passion” fruit fits them perfectly.

Eyeball Queen

If you thought there are no voyeurs in the gay community, well, you were very wrong. These people are present in almost every part of our modern society, but they know how to hide from the public eye. Anyway, “eyeball queen” is a pretty convective term for a person who gains sexual pleasure from watching others having sex. Gay people are not big fans of these voyeurs, so they invented a rather clever term to label them without being offensive.


There you go, folks, the top 5 gay slang terms that are making the communication between homosexuals pretty easy. These clever terms are used only in the gay community and that’s what makes them so special and unique. If you’re interested in entering some kind of a closed gay group, make sure to master these essential gay terms so you can communicate with your new friends.

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