Top 4 New Year’s Disabled Dating Resolutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

disabled singles dating

In the world of disabled singles dating, things are changing rapidly thanks to new technology. Everyone seems to be familiar with buzzwords, such as ‘swipe right’ or ‘fomo’, and people are dating in the weirdest possible ways. However, for 2018, our suggestion is to take a step back and focus on yourself and your journey to self-discovery instead of on finding a potential partner. This is one of the most efficient ways to make sure your disability doesn’t define who you are, and in addition to being extremely useful in the self-confidence department, it can also be super exciting. Below, we present our top 4 New Year’s resolutions that will shift the focus from other people and direct it inwards, brining about change and unleashing your energy and potential like never before.

disabled singles dating

#1: Take The Time To Reflect On The Positives

Late December and early January are perfect to reflect on all the good that has happened to you over the past several months or years. Needless to say, there are always areas that need improvement, but now is the time to focus on all the positive stuff you have accomplished. This may or may not involve dating per say, and could also include your work or study, social life, volunteering, charity, hobbies and interests, and all those things that make up your everyday life. Appreciating what you have is a sure way to be happy, but despite the fact that we all know this in theory, it’s often hard to apply it in practice. Sometimes we’re too busy for self-reflection and are so focused on all the things that are still out of our reach that we don’t stop to appreciate everything we already have.

#2: Learn A New Skill

Learning a new skill will increase your level of self-confidence, and enrich your life by introducing a new experience to it. It may or may not be related to dating, such as mastering Tinder, and it can really be from any sphere that interests you. Learn to cook Mexican food, take up French or knitting, learn to play a musical instrument or take swimming lessons. By working to constantly improve yourself and what you bring to the table, you’ll attract better matches and expand your social circles. You attract what you are, and not only should you focus on yourself in 2018 instead of your potential matches, but doing so will also have a positive effect on your sense of self-worth, in turn making you more attractive in the eyes of your dates.

#3: Step Outside Your Comfort Zone

No matter how small or large your comfort zone may be, now is the time to step out of it and experience life to the fullest. Whether you’re wary of free disabled dating sites, could never go out alone or don’t like the attention of people you don’t know, doing the things that scare you will free you of most of the constraints you impose on yourself. The result will be a risk taker who can’t wait for adventure and trying new things. You’ll start viewing life in a whole new light, and don’t forget that people are drawn to free-spirited individuals who live life by their own rules.

#4: Date, But Don’t Make It A Priority

You’re not going to find your Mr or Mrs Right unless you date, but that doesn’t mean that in 2018 dating should be your No.1 priority. Focus on self-discovery and improvement, not on others and what they like or expect. Go out and meet new people, but your goal should be new experiences, not necessarily new connections. Travel to a new place or go out to a new bar, download a new dating app or site, and meet new disabled singles you could be friends with as well. Go on as many dates as possible, but do it effortlessly, in between your baking class and your yoga or Spanish lesson. Only if you can truly enjoy life can you attract someone worthy or your time and affection.

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