Top 4 Cougar Movies Worth Seeing

Top 4 Cougar Movies

Women who are referred as cougars will often find themselves on the negative side of the discussion. It is ok for an older man to date younger girl but when genders are reversed it is close to scandal and woman in question is being called a cradle snatcher and worse.
Looking at all cougars near me I have noticed the level of confidence and sophistication which makes them stand out in the crowd. When you look at the movie screen, the story is the same. Movies are crowded with strong and independent who are not scared to reach for the object of their desire. We present you 4 movies that tackled the theme of cougars dating younger men.


1. Unfaithful

If you are a fan of Richard Gere then this movie will be your favorite. The movie was directed by Adrian Lyne, with main plot characters portrayed by Richard Gere, Diane Lane and Olivier Martinez. The story focuses on Diane Lane and Richard Gere as a couple living in the New York. Seemingly they are a happily married duo with not much drama in their matrimonial life. It is then when you least suspect this desperate housewife indulges in an unfaithful fling with a younger man she meets by chance in Manhattan. The outcome of her new cougar life turns out to be deadly.


2. Summer of 42

This 1971 American movie is a representative of a “coming-of-age” memoir of a boy who falls in love with an older woman while he spends his 1942 summer vacation on the island of Nantucket. This stereotypical love story is taken out from the memoirs of screenwriter Herman Raucher. Amidst a crisis in the woman’s life, love turns to tragedy and a young boy is changed forever. The film was directed by Robert Mulligan (To Kill a Mockingbird) and starred Gary Grimes as Hermie and Jennifer O’Neill as Dorothy – Hermie’s secret love interest. Although not very famous movie it depicts that youthful vagueness when it comes to first romance.


3. The Graduate

The Graduate is a romantic comedy-drama film directed by Mike Nichols, based on the same name Bestseller novel by Charles Webb. This movie tells the story of college graduate Benjamin Braddock who has no ambition aim in his life and soon is seduced by an aggressive older woman, Mrs. Robinson. To make things more complicated, Benjamin soon finds that Mrs. Robinson happens to be the wife of his father’s business partner. The icing on the cake is when finds himself falling in love with Mrs. Robinson’s teenage daughter, Elaine. The film casts are Dustin Hoffman as Benjamin Braddock Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson, and Katharine Ross as Elaine Robinson. The main trivia of the movie is that Ann Bancroft was only 6 years older than Dustin Hoffman, although her character was much older than Hoffman’s.


4. The Piano Teacher

Based on the novel Die Klavierspielerin by Elfriede Jelinek, who in 2004 received the Nobel Prize for Literature, this French movie answers the question: What can dating older women be like? Directed by Michael Haneke this winner of three major awards at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival will not make you feel good. The story revolves around Erica, a piano teacher, who begins a perverted and abusive sadomasochistic relationship with her student Walter. Actress Isabelle Huppert plays Erika while Benoit Magimel plays Walter. The end of the movie shouldn’t be taken lightly, because it is not a happy one.

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