Top 4 Advices You Should Listen To If You Want To Date A Cowboy

cowboy dating

The love between a cowboy and a country girl has been the subject of many romantic movies. She loves his rugged looks and manners, he loves her clumsiness, brutal honesty and the fact that she sucks at farm work. Well, women want to date cowboys for those reasons, but if you want to hook up with one, you have to adjust your attitude a little bit. No cowboy wants a girl who will sit around painting her nails or get disgusted by the smell of his ranch.

Many girls want to date a cowboy, but only some of them possess qualities these guys are looking for. If you want to dazzle your country man, you cannot be grossed out by all the mud and, well, everything else that looks like mud. Keep in mind that farm work is a dirty job, but your cowboy cleans up well. Every kind of dating has its downsides, and a little dirt shouldn’t bother you if you want to find yourself a country guy. Here are some tips which should help you dazzle your man.

Don’t lie

Cowboys and cowgirls value honesty. Don’t try to lie to your guy or even worse, pretend that you are someone else. They are good at reading people and soon they will see you for who you really are. Don’t pretend that you are an experienced cowgirl just so he would like you. If you don’t know how to do something, simply ask him. He will love that you are taking interest in his way of life.

Give him space

Keep in mind that cowboys spend most of their days alone with their tools or animals. They are used to solitude and they like it. Don’t worry, he will take you out on a date and hang out with your friends, but sometimes you will have to give him some space and leave him alone. If you want to go dancing every night, reconsider cowboy dating or just go with your friends and leave your man at home.

Learn some skills

Your cowboy will be extremely attracted to you if you learn some new skills. You don’t have to become a professional cowgirl, but learning to ride a horse or becoming good with lasso will make you a girl of his dreams. Cowboys like strong and independent women so don’t be needy. If you fall or get dirty, forget about whining. Get up, shake it off and try again.

Be respectful

Like in any relationship, in this too you should respect your partner. Cowboys have good manners and their Mom has raised them well. They respect women and treat them like ladies. So be respectful toward each other all the time. If you want to be treated like a lady, then you should act like one. Listen to what he has to say and don’t make fun of his lifestyle. They are patient and have nerves of steel, but don’t take an advantage of it.

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