Top 3 Tips to Better Understand a Cyclist

Instead of talking about how you could seduce a cyclist, today we’d like to touch on his mindset so you can better understand him and come up with an appropriate strategy to get under his skin. Cyclists are a special breed of men deeply concerned about the environment and the well-being of everyone they come into contact with. If you want to date a cyclist you better toss that bottled water into the recycle bin before he sees you consuming plastic!

#1: He’s Compassionate

If there ever was a compassionate human being a cyclist is it. He cares about other people’s feelings, isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, and doesn’t measure his own self-worth against someone else’s. He’s always ready to help someone in need, is deeply hurt by any kind of injustice, and if he’s not volunteering he’s definitely donating to charity. A cyclist feels the pain of another person, animal or any living thing and does what is in his power to ease it. He’d never purchase a dog from a puppy mill – he’s the type to adopt from a shelter.

#2: He Has Nice Manners

A cyclist is the type of person you bring home to meet your parents. You present him to the world as your partner with great pride not because he’s ripped, but because he is so nice and well-behaved you can bet your life he’s not going to embarrass you. We’re not talking about holding the door for you every time. We’re talking about being grounded and respectful to everyone no matter who they are. Note that if you want to get his attention, you absolutely need to be unassuming yet chatty and engaging. A cute cyclist would never go for an arrogant or uptight girl.

#3: He’s Conscientious

No matter what he’s doing, he’ll do it with integrity and conscientiousness worthy of a very noble person. He cares about the environment and the effect human behavior has on the planet. To say that he recycles is an understatement. He has probably not held a plastic bag in his hands for years. Chances are he’s a vegetarian too and hasn’t touched any chicken since 2007. His drink is water and his clothes are made from recyclable material, probably purchased used. He produces as little waste as possible and would never date a typical consumer unaware of what her actions are doing to everything around her.

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