Top 3 Things To Keep In Mind About Celebrity Snapchat

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Celebrity snapchats have made their way from Snapchat to all other relevant social networks, and they are here to stay. Kendall Jenner with goofy ears, Bella Hadid with a face distortion or a super detailed account of DJ Khaled’s every afternoon have taken the internet by storm even though most sceptics couldn’t believe there would be a new and revolutionary user experience after Facebook or Instagram. Today, we take a closer look at celebrity snapchats and why everyone seems to be in love with them.

#1: Celebrities LOVE Snapchat

One of the main reasons why celebrities are so crazy about all things Snapchat is the fact that Snapchat isn’t all too fond of them. Or at least it doesn’t show too much affection. Aside from the “verified” accounts it gives celebrities, and an emoji they can choose to put on their stories, Snapchat doesn’t really do much for its famous users. This is a breath of fresh air in the sea of other platforms fighting for the attention of the rich and famous. The fact that Snapchat doesn’t make too much of a fuss over famous people on its app has resulted in them flocking to it in crazy numbers and connecting to their fans on a whole new level.

#2: Snapchat HATES Ads

Well, hate might be a strong word here, but Snapchat isn’t showing appreciation for ads like some other platforms, and as a result charges obscene amounts of money for marketing. This means that it doesn’t come with annoying “suggestions” for you to buy all sorts of things you don’t need, and any advertising it does have is simply state of the art. This take also translates into a much more natural, laid back, and real user experience that both celebrities and other members of the Snapchat colony absolutely adore.

#3: You Snooze, You Lose

The facts that the content evaporates into thin air is so intriguing to celebrities on Snapchat that they keep posting like there is no tomorrow, which, come to think of it, is absolutely true! Not only do their fans religiously follow their pages so they don’t miss anything, but bloggers and the paparazzi can’t exploit the Snapchat stories as much as they can analyse, decipher and dissect a post from any other app. This celebrity-Snapchat love affair will certainly not last forever, but we’ll sure enjoy it while we can.

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