Top 3 Most Ridiculous Types of Fetishes

Most Ridiculous

There’s nothing wrong with having a fetish, nothing at all. In fact, some of them are known to improve one’s sex life without their partner ever realizing that they’re dealing with a fetishist. And while there are useful and acceptable types of fetishes, there are also those that are not so great both in theory and in practice.

Some of these will sound funny, others will seem stupid, and some of them may even be considered as insanely dangerous. In any case, here are our picks for the top three most ridiculous fetishes known to man.

1. Agalmatophilia

Having a thing for inanimate objects pretty much falls under the definition of fetish, but when you take it too far, it just becomes wrong. We’re talking about agalmatophilia – the urge to make out, caress and have sex with statues.

Actually, if we were to be completely honest here, agalmatophiliacs don’t limit themselves to statues. This fetish can revolve around any inanimate object that depicts a human, which means mannequins, dolls and cardboard cutouts all fit the bill here.

As you would have guessed, agalmatophilia is mostly powered by the fetishist’s imagination, since you can’t really do much with a statue. Nonetheless, it’s still a pretty ridiculous fetish.

2. Macrophilia

On one hand, there’s having a preference for guys or girls who are bigger than you, and on the other, we have macrophilia – the crazy fetish of wanting to copulate with a gigantic partner.

This isn’t just having sex with someone who’s 6’7”. We’re literally talking about doing it with a giant or a giantess who stand at fifty feet tall and who can crush you with their genitalia.

Similarly to agalmatophilia (if not more so), people who have this fetish mostly rely on their own imagination when it comes to fulfilling their fantasies. Luckily for them, modern technology allows for the creation of macrophilia porn, which is nice for these guys.

Also, on a side note, there’s another fetish that’s just as ridiculous as this one but is on the opposite side of the spectrum – microphilia. While everything is huge in macrophilia, for microphiliacs tiny gets the job done.

3. Smoking Fetish

Well, we can’t really say that this fetish is ridiculous nor funny, because smoking can have a certain positive influence on the way we perceive someone sexually. It could be mildly dangerous if the smoker isn’t careful, but at the end of the day, it’s just plain disgusting to some people.

Truth be told, we can’t really compare regular smoking which shows someone’s confidence or masculinity and a smoking fetish, which mostly revolves around the cigarette itself. Smoking fetishists love nothing more than the smell, the ashes, the bluish smoke, the burning cherry and so on.

This fetish can be either plainly disgusting or dangerous. The more docile version involves smoking cigarettes in bed, while the more edgy one features oral sex with the cigarette still in the mouth of the pleasure-giver.

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