These 4 Amazing Tips Will Help You Dazzle Any Cougar

Thanks to TV shows like Cougar Town or Sex and the City, cougars are now more popular than ever. However, keep in mind that not every one of these ladies is a Mrs. Robinson on the prowl for younger meat. Truth be told, a lot of cougars are picky and don’t want to be with an immature frat guy, no matter how hot he is. Moreover, they don’t have the patience for the shenanigans of youth, so if you’ve decided to install some of cougar finder apps and dazzle one of these ladies, you need to follow these rules.

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Don’t be shy

You might think that being all shy is cute and all but keep in mind that older women like guys who are confident and sure of themselves. Therefore, if you want to approach a cougar, you need to be direct and act like a man who knows what he wants.

Don’t use labels

Although some of these ladies don’t mind being called a cougar, many of them still find the term quite offensive. Therefore, don’t even try to figure out whether your lady is okay with the reference, or you will end up alone.

Don’t mention the age difference

Both of you are perfectly aware of the age gap, so there is no need to emphasize it. It will only make her feel old and that is the last thing she wants. The main reason why cougars date younger guys is that they want to feel youthful, sexy and attractive again, and if you keep reminding her of age, she will move on to someone who knows how to make her feel special.

Pay attention to her outside the bedroom

Okay, sex with a cougar is hot but you need to get to know her outside the bedroom, too. Take her out, find out what she likes, make her feel special and she will purr like a kitten in your arms. Yes, cougars like to have a mind-blowing sex with younger guys, which comes as a result of her experience and your stamina. However, no woman wants to feel like anyone’s sex toy. Therefore, if you really want to keep your woman satisfied, make sure you treat her like a real gentleman outside the bedroom.

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