The Less Obvious Ways To Meet A Biker

meet local bikers

If you’re looking for advice on how to meet local bikers and keep them by your side, you’ve come to the right place. Only, we’re not here to just talk about how you could meet them, but we’d also like to focus on why you should opt for dating a biker in the first place. In the sea of interesting dating niches, the biker niche can give you something that no other niche can provide – an adrenalin rush coupled with going back to the simple life. Let’s take a closer look at our tips to meet cute bikers and explore their world like a real insider.

#1: Join A Biker Club

Meeting through friends is so passé especially nowadays when direct initiative is the sexiest possible approach. That’s why you should research the biker clubs in your area, and choose one or several to join. That way, you’ll expand your circle of friends and meet some very interesting new people, and possibly meet your perfect biker match who lives in the area. When you find a couple of people to your liking to hang out with, they’ll introduce you to the rest of their crew, which will be the perfect opportunity to accomplish your original mission.

#2: Biker Dating Sites

Not everyone is aware of the fact that there are niche-specific dating sites for you to meet singles interested in all sorts of things, from travel and books to vegan cooking and rock music. The same is true of biker dating, and with some great biker dating sites available on the web, it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity. You could always sign up for a nation-wide site that caters to all sorts of singles, and state specifically that you’re looking to meet a special biker. This way you’ll widen your reach and meet more people, but you run the risk of getting stuck in a long-distance relationship.

#3: Taking A Trip Out of State

Iowa, South Dakota and New Hampshire are the three states with the largest number of owned bikes. If you happen to live in Illinois or Wyoming, taking a trip to one of these three places would a good idea because chances are you’d find a cute biker there in no time. Find a friend to go with you as a wingperson, and treat yourself to a fun weekend getaway. You’ll see new sights and meet new people, which would be a great bonus to your biker hunt when you hopefully find your match out of many biker men you’re bound to see.

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