How to Bring More Light Into Your Home

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Sitting at home, surfing the internet and hoping to date a cowboy, when suddenly you realize that your home feels a little too dark. The windows are open, but you still feel like you’re sitting in a dungeon. Maybe it’s time to take some steps towards bringing a little bit more light into your home. Here’s how.

Let the Light Come Through the Doors

If you’ve had solid doors until now, try replacing them with new ones that have windows in them. You’ll feel the light shine through immediately and it will brighten up the entire room.

Windows Are Better Than Walls

Try talking to a contractor and decide which walls are suitable for new windows. Find ones that go from the floor to the ceiling. These large glass windows will let in a bunch of light that will make your rooms feel more open and spacious. If you’re afraid of losing privacy, choose stained glass windows or frosted glass. This will allow you to get more sunshine and you’ll protect your privacy at the same time.

Install Mirrors

If you have no way of installing new windows, get a couple of mirrors in different shapes and sizes and put them up around your home. These will reflect the light that comes in through your existing windows and make your home feel a lot bigger. What a practical optical illusion!

Curtains Make a Big Difference

If you’ve had thick, old-fashioned curtains up until now, it’s time to trade them in for new ones that are light and sheer. These will let the light come through your existing windows and make your room look a lot more modern and ethereal.

Light Walls

The color you paint your walls also makes a big difference in how light will reflect on their surface. You don’t need to hire a professional to do it for you. Simply go out and get a few cans of light-colored paint and start painting the walls on your own. There are many tutorials and guides on the internet that will help you do a fine job without spending a lot of money on the project. Light walls will also add to making the place look a lot bigger and brighter.

All in all, you don’t need to spend big bucks to bring more light into your home. So let the sunshine in!

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