Getting Over A Bad Breakup In 3 Easy Steps

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Herpes dating is a toughie especially following a painful breakup that is bound to leave scars. However, as challenging getting your life back on track may be at this point, there are still things you can actively do to help your heart heal faster, and your brain get rewired and focused on the future. Today, we analyze those things in more detail, and offer advice on putting the past in the past.

#1: Treat Your Body to Physical Activity

Healthy body, healthy mind, right? Even when you don’t have a clean bill of health, there is no denying that some form of physical activity is always beneficial not only to staying as healthy as possible, but also because it positively affects your mood. Breakups are one of the toughest things a modern man or woman go through, and despite the high divorce rates, it doesn’t get easier even when you know millions of others are going through the same thing. On the other hand, when so many people are dealing with the same issues, there are definitely common coping strategies that can be applied across the board, and hiking, jogging, doing yoga or exercising at home several times a week are certainly on that list.

#2: De-Clutter Your Place

By de-cluttering your place and throwing away everything that reminds you of your ex, you’ll make room for the new stuff to enter your life as you move on, and your place will get a new kind of energy that is bound to be more positive when you can air it out or clean it up in under 45 minutes. Throw away anything you’re not using at the moment, starting from your kitchen that is often overlooked and neglected because most of the stuff is in the closets. Donate anything that can still be used, and make sure you mail your ex his stuff (or otherwise get rid of it) so that you don’t have a constant remind of him where you live.

#3: Slowly Get Back To Dating

Rebound sex is often not something we advise because it can leave you feeling even worse afterwards, but slowly accepting advances of the people that try to initiate a conversation with you is something to keep in mind. It will give you a confidence boost, and make you feel alive again, giving you that little push you need to slowly but surely get back to dating. HSV singles often start to feel self-conscious at this point, but powering through the early stages of getting back to the game means you start to look forward to new things sooner rather than later. Mind you, there are always herpes dating sites to assist you in the process or you can just try going back into the real world for a change and meet people organically.

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