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People who would maybe like to settle down but can’t seem to find the one, often try to search for their soulmate online. Meeting people online has its good and bad sides, but it has certainly taken over the dating scene, compared to the old fashioned ways. Seems like some folks do need the help of a matchmaker to find a fitting partner.


Where else can you look at a hundred different single women or men and get a date? Online! With smartphones and today’s technology, people are actually more connected than ever. There is a sea of sites where you can submit your free personals, and find love online. Truth be told, it’s not as easy as some may think. Your date can be utterly annoying in person, even though you two hit it off in the chat room. Like choosing a candy, if you have three flavors in front of you, you’ll make a quick choice and be done with it, but imagine if there are fifty different kinds. You’ll want to try this, and that, and then some. You’ll pick one and then ask yourself what does that red one taste like. Not knowing exactly what you like and want can leave you with a headache, that’s for sure.

May the force be with you.

So, you get to a point where you’ve found yourself a match. What now? How do you start a conversation and not blow it right off the bat? Well, maybe consider avoiding that “hey, what up?” starting line and opt for something more personal. If you browse through your date’s page, you may find some interests that you both share. She likes Star Wars? I like Star Wars! “Hi there, is the force strong in this one?” Well, maybe not the perfect example, but you get the point. Find the interest that connects you and start off with that, if you two are a match other things you have in common will pop up, and the conversation will flow naturally. Keep it light, simple, funny and honest.

Golden Rule.

Going from online chatting to actual, face to face dating, can be complicated. Not as much complicated as it is complex. There are so many scenarios that could happen when you meet someone whom you’ve met online, so people try to minimize the variables and potential mishaps by sticking to some unwritten rules. As we said, keep it simple. That seems like a golden rule when it comes to dating. The point of this date is for you two, to meet up, to feel if there’s real chemistry when the keyboards are gone. Whether you have the date over the day or in the evening, pick a public place where you’ll feel comfortable and safe. A drink or two is good for the nerves, but a whole bottle of wine may be a bit too much. That amount of liquid courage will just spoil your first impression and overall date. Relax and be yourself.

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