Most Common Problems HIV Positive Singles Encounter In The Dating Arena [INFOGRAPHIC]

HIV dating

Unfortunately, there aren’t many niches that have so many problems as the HIV dating niche. Even though we now live in a rather modern and advanced world, it seems that some individuals are still unable to accept the fact that HIV-positive people also have certain needs when it comes to romance and relationships. This is the main reason why these unfortunate men and women have so many problems on the dating scene. In order to spread awareness and help HIV singles, we decided to share with you some of the biggest and most common obstacles these people are facing in the modern dating arena.

HIV dating

Stigmas And Harmful Misconceptions

It doesn’t matter if they’re looking for partners vie HIV dating sites or in person, these individuals have to deal with various and rather harmful stigmas and misconceptions about themselves. Most of their potential matches believe in those ridiculous stigmas and myths, and that can be very disappointing. It’s really hard for HIV-positive singles to find someone who is ready to overlook those misconceptions, and unfortunately, many of them end up losing hope along the way. The majority of “positive” people give up the search after numerous bad experiences and that is a truly sad fact.

Mistreatment AndHarassment

Dating when you’re HIV positive can be rather stressful. A lot of uneducated and mean individuals think that it’s perfectly ok to mistreat and bully people with AIDS just because they’re ill. This type of harmful behavior negatively affects the already fragile and low self-esteem these folks have. It is, without a doubt, one of the biggest problems in our modern society and, sadly, the government and other responsible establishments are not able to find a permanent solution to this issue.

People Don’t Trust Them

Mutual trust is the most important thing for a successful relationship and, unfortunately, other folks are simply not able to relax around HIV-positive singles. They can’t get intimate with them because they think they’ll get infected too. Naturally, without trust, a relationship like this just can’t work.

Lack Of Interest From Other Singles

These people have to be completely honest with their potential partners. Full disclosure is a top priority. However, this straightforward approach can often be tricky because once people hear that a person is HIV-positive, they immediately lose all interest. So, when a man or a woman publicly states that he or she has this notorious virus, most single folks tend to look the other way. This can be rather painful and frustrating, but it’s something they have to deal with. Until, of course, people realize that men and women who are infected with this disease are as human as everyone else.

Cruel Rejections

Rejection is something we all face sooner or later when we decide to step inside the sometimesunforgiving dating arena. However, singles who don’t suffer from this particular virus don’t have to deal with brutal and insensitive rejections. Sadly, individuals who have to live with HIV are not that lucky. In most cases when they state that they’re positive, other singles react completely inappropriate and reject them with cruelty. This makes them feel rather insecure and it’s definitely one of the main reasons why they don’t date as much as they should. Of course, people have every right to reject them, that’s not the problem, but they should do it in a gentle and sensitive fashion. In a way, it’s their social responsibility towards other human beings.

Nosy And Intrusive Strangers

When a certain person is in any way different than other people, some individuals simply have to be nosy and intrusive. They are dying to know everything about the disease, the way the person got it, and what it’s like to live with such an illness. However, most of these questions are too personal and that usually makes the HIV-positive men and women rather uncomfortable. Most folks don’t know how to respect other people’s privacy and that’s one of the biggest struggles HIV-positive individuals have to deal with these days. This makes dating a very stressful activity for these unfortunate souls.

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