Celebrity Snapchats Fans Of Electronic Music Must See

celebrity Snapchats

You have surely heard about Snapchat, the popular app that lets you send disappearing messages, photos, and videos.  anyone who follows you on this network. Because of its features like funny filters Snapchat has become a phenomenon. Even celebrities love to use it.

Although Snapchat was youth-centric at the beginning, now it is popular amongst people of all generations. Even famous people like actors, singers and sports stars have their celebrity Snapchats. If you are a fan of electronic music, this list is for you. Here are some DJ usernames, so you can easily track them down on Snapchat.

Diplo: diplo

Diplo is one of DJ celebrities on Snapchat you must follow. Behind the alias Diplo hides Thomas Wesley Pentz, an American DJ, record producer, rapper, singer, songwriter and record executive. He is most famous as the co-creator of music project Major Lazer. Can you imagine that this guy actually worked as a schoolteacher in Philadelphia? He was nominated for his first Grammy Award in 2009 for Record of the Year for “Paper Planes” and for his second Grammy three years later for Best Rap Song for “Look at Me Now”. Diplo was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2013 and 2016 in the category Producer of the Year, Non-Classic. If you are a fan of Diplo be sure to follow him, because you will be able to see him making music videos with Major Lazer, watch jam sessions from Tokyo, and if you are lucky, you can catch him sharing some unreleased music as well.

DJ Snake: DJSnakeParis

DJ Snake is a Grammy-nominated producer and artist. He rose to fame with his singles “Bird Machine” and “Turn Down for What” in 2013. In collaboration with Diplo he released the single “Lean On”. That was one of those catchy songs you can’t get out of your head for days. He released his next single “Middle” in 2015 and with the release of his debut studio album Encore, DJ Snake released third single, “Let Me Love You”. This song featured the vocals of Justin Bieber.  He is one of the popular Snapchat celebrities. On this Snapchat you’ll find everything from quirky daily antics to funny selfies.

Martin Garrix: MartinGarrix

Dutch Electro-house DJ rose to fame with his 2013 solo release, “Animals”, and his next single “Wizard,” brought him additional fame. Martin always loved music, and when he was just a kid he performed at his friends’ parties. He made his debut on the Top 100 DJs list in 2013, when he was only seventeen, where he placed 40th. Garrix is very active on his social media, so be sure to follow him on Snapchat. His young humor will brighten your day for sure.

Skrillex: skrillex

Sonny John Moore, known as Skrillex, is an American electronic dance music producer, DJ, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. This guy loves to snap, so you can find him serenading the camera and sharing videos of him and Diplo in the studio.

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