Biker Dating Uncovered: 5 Ways To Become A Part Of His “Gang” [INFOGRAPHIC]

biker dating

You want to become a pert of your boyfriend’s MC? Check out these 6 ways you can achieve that goal.

Biker Dating

Dating, in general, is a rather exciting and fun endeavor. Every niche has its own benefits, but biker dating is probably the most exhilarating matchmaking scene out there. However, sealing the deal with a rebellious biker is sometimes extremely hard, and even when you do that, it doesn’t guarantee you that you’ll become a part of his crew. So, ladies, if you want to be included in all the adventures your biker boyfriend has with his friends, check out these 5 things you can do to enter his motorcycle “gang”.

1. You Need To Be Good With His Buddies

If you really want to become a permanent member of your boyfriend’s moto club, you have to meet local bikers and befriend them. You can’t rely on your man to do everything for you. Instead, you must build up your reputation all by yourself. He probably has a lot of biker friends outside of his own club, so you need to become friends with all of them in order to be fully accepted in this community. You need to earn their respect and the only way you can achieve that is by being loyal to the club members and other riders. Biker singles appreciate honest and strong friendships.

2. Show Some Genuine Interest In His Bike

However important good relations may be, profound friendships simply won’t be enough for you to become an equal member of their group. The thing you need to do is show a certain level of interest in his bike(s). Ask questions about how it works, or even better, stay in the garage while he works on his machine. This way, he’ll be inspired by your presence and he’ll be glad to teach you a thing or two about motorcycles. If you show a high level of knowledge about these vehicles, you’ll get an enormous amount of respect from the rest of the crew.

3. Learn How To Ride

This is probably the scariest part of the entire process, but once you master the art of riding a Harley, you’ll be able to join your boyfriend’s MC. Every biker dreams of having a woman who knows how to ride a cruiser bike. It won’t be easy, but you can ask your man for some directions and useful tips. Just imagine how hot it would be for you two to ride steel horses side by side. Trust us, this is one of the quickest ways to enter his closed group.

4. Go On The Long Trips With The Crew

Once you learn how to ride a motorcycle, the next step is going on a long trip with all the members. Now, this is not like those short rides around the town, no, this is a serious road trip. You’ll have to master your riding skills to perfection if you want to experience the thrill of an open highway. Nothing bonds a crew like a long and exhausting trip, so if you want to be fully accepted, you’ll have to endure this particular adventure.

5. Defend The Honor Of The Club

Even though our world is pretty advanced, most people still can’t wrap their minds around the very concept of the motorcycle club. They automatically assume these people are criminals and that’s just not fair at all. Sadly, these stereotypes and stigmas are rather common nowadays, so you need to be prepared for all those judgmental remarks. However, you also need to stand up for yourself and your club. Once you become a member, these people will represent your family and you must fight for your loved ones. Always remember to defend the honor of the MC and your friends. A lot of people will try to scare you with their threats and offensive comments, but you must stand tall and fight the good fight.

6. Promote Your Club In The Best Possible Way

A lot of motorcycle clubs have a bad reputation simply because they don’t contribute to the community. This is exactly why you need to organize certain charities and fundraisers, so people can actually see that you’re good citizens. Taking care of your own community will popularize your club and this kind of initiative will cement your place as one of the most important members of the MC. Plus, your biker boyfriend will be impressed with you.

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