A complete guide to cougar dating

guide to cougar dating

What are cougars? Why do so many men fall for older women? What is it that cougars seek in a relationship? How to seduce them and how to keep them?

It’s no secret that men, especially young ones, fall for older women. There’s just something exciting about a woman who has enough experience in bed and knows what she wants. These types of women are known as cougars. And the more you know about them, the more you want them. But if you intend to step into the adventurous world of cougar dating you will need to master the right tricks.

Where to meet cougars

Cougars usually frequent bars and clubs, searching for single younger men who don’t mind having some fun. However, if you lack experience with these ladies, the best for you to meet cougars would be via the internet. There are many websites that serve to hook up single men with single cougars. Most of them are free and only require you to register. Once you do, you will get access to lots of lonely women out there who are just craving for a young knight to come and rescue them out of boredom. So browse through their user bases and see if you find some cougars you like. Talk to them and see how it goes and whether you two like each other.

How to initiate a first date

Cougars like to live exciting lives and be surrounded with people. So for the first time, you need to take her out somewhere public. A club is a good idea, but it won’t give you much time and privacy to get to know each other better. Instead, go for a bar. Once you two meet, star talking. Share your interests and tastes with her. Compliment her style. Show her that you like her. And you will see just how easy it is to make her fall for you.

Moving on to the second date

Cougars don’t mind showing their emotions and affectations. So if all went well on the first date, they will let you know it. If your date asks you when she will see you again, it is definitely a good sign. For the second time, set up a date at either hers or your place. This way, you will have more intimacy. And as you will soon find out – cougars love intimacy.

Taking a step towards a long-term relationship

In the beginning, cougars may seem cold and detached, but once they truly fall in love, they can become passionate and romantic lovers. But they expect the same from their man. If you plan to pursue a long-term relationship with your cougar, you will have to show her that you appreciate her for what she is and that you will always be there for her no matter what. So if you ever meet a cougar you like and want to spend the rest of your life with, don’t forget to show her the true meaning of love. And you can bet that she will return the favor and take you on a ride of your life.

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