7 Types Of Men Cougars Love To Date [INFOGRAPHIC]

cougar dating

When we see a cougar dating a man, we automatically assume that he is much younger than her. This is completely understandable considering the fact that these women love seducing unexperienced fellas. However, youth is not the only factor when it comes to dating these mature ladies. They don’t fall for every young guy out there, so if you want to dazzle a mature gal, you’ll need to impress her. Check out these 7 types of men cougars love to date and see if you belong to one of these categories.

cougar dating

The Manly And Capable Type

Most women, including cougars, have a thing for manly and capable guys. Older ladies love flirting with men who know how to handle themselves with self-assurance. They enjoy spending time with manly men who are capable of fixing things around the house. It provides them with a certain feeling of security and that tends to excite them both sexually and emotionally. It’s safe to say that this is one of the types cougars enjoy the most.

Smooth Talker

Words can be a mighty weapon, especially when they’re being used by someone who is aware of their magical powers of seduction. Smooth talkers are also pretty popular among cougars all over the world. These fellas know how to compliment a woman and sometimes a few nice words are all that takes to win a gal over. These ladies enjoy being complimented and these fellas are aware of that. So, naturally, they use their oral talents to impress them.

HottieWith A Body

It’s safe to say that every woman out there, regardless of her age and status, loves to flirt with this particular type of men. Very few women can resist a hottie with a body. Cougars are especially drawn to these fellas simply because men their age are not able to stay in such a good physical shape. This is exactly why mature gals chase young and handsome studs. Therefore, if you want to impress your Mrs. Robinson, make sure to stay in shape.

Shy And Nice Guys

You may think this is unusual and not true, but cougars actually have a soft spot for shy guys. Why is this the case? Well, some of these women have the need to teach a young man some tricks when it comes to romance and sex. Being a “love mentor” gives them a unique sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This is why they love to date shy and unexperienced fellas. It represents a certain challenge for them. Also, turning boys into men makes them feel rather good about themselves.

Artistic Type

Everybody loves an artist and the case is no different with older single women. They get rather inspired by someone’s artistic abilities and that makes them extremely horny. It doesn’t matter if they’re musicians, painters, or writers, these gals simply enjoy spending time with talented young men. So, if you have some artistic skills, feel free to display them in front of a cougar, she won’t be able to resist you.

Confident Player

If there’s one thing mature women love, that’s a confident man! If you have high levels of self-esteem, you don’t even have to be that hot, trust us. All you need to do is come across as a self-assured man who knows what he wants and older gals will be all over you. Show them a certain level of composure, confidence, and maturity, and they will be positively surprised and rather impressed by your approach.

Romantic Guy

Most people say that these ladies don’t have time for a new romance, but that’s not true at all. Everyone needs a bit of love and attention, and if you represent yourself as a romantic and caring type, mature women will be absolutely dazzled. Flowers, intimate dinners, presents, and similar romantic gestures will help you win over any smoking hot cougar out there. Just treat them with the respect they deserve and you’ll do just fine, trust us.

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