7 Celebrities who were involved in Transgender Dating Scandals [INFOGRAPHIC]

transgender dating

From singers and actors to TV journalists and sportsmen, it appears there are quite a few celebrities who tried transgender dating, at least at some point in their lives. These trysts were mainly sexual, and ended badly in the majority of cases, leaving consequences both on celebs’ careers or personal lives. Rumors or not, it’s always interesting to read about famous people’s downfalls because it makes it easier to believe they are also made of flesh and blood, and being such – prone to transgression (no pun intended!) same as the rest of us common folks. Anyways, there you have it, our hand-picked list of 7 celebrities who were involved with transgender persons in some way, but we have to say there are many more similar cases out there.

#1 Luke Worrall & Elle Schneider

The scandal happened in 2011 when Osbourne found out that her then-boyfriend, Luke Worrall, was cheating on her with a transgender woman, Elle Schneider, who was waiting for her sex-affirmation surgery at the time. Ozzy’s daughter was furious upon the realization and didn’t believe anything like that could ever happen to her.

 #2 Justin Bieber & Vaniity

This allegedly happened at some Malibu party when a couple of eyewitnesses believed they saw Biebs leaving the party with an adult actress best-known as Vaniity. There were even some speculations that Justin was having an affair with a Brazilian transgender woman in 2013, but this lady rejected these accusations, stating that she was cis gender…perhaps it was his alter ego, Rick the Sizzler, who’s got involved with all those transgender ladies, who knows?

#3 Gavin Rosdale & Paul “Marylin” Robinson

Gwen Stefani’s husband had an affair with a now transsexual woman and a popular British singer, Marilyn Robinson, but it was years prior to his marriage with a former No Doubt singer. When Marilyn first spoke about it Gavin tried to deny the whole thing before finally admitting it was a part of his growing up process, which allowed him to explore his own sexuality and find out what he likes/dislikes.

#4 Eddie Murphy & Anonymous Transvestite Prostitute

This incident dates all the way back in May of 1997 when police stopped Murphy’s car while a transvestite prostitute was in it. The famous comedian and A-list actor tried to defend himself by stating that he was giving her a ride home but the guys in blue just didn’t buy it…and neither did the rest of the world.

#5 LL Cool J & Toni Newman

Newman stated in her memoirs that she and LL Cool J had a one night stand which she described as “enjoyable”. She also recalled that Eddie Murphy had had sex with at least 5 other transgender sex workers and was actually interested in the girl with the biggest male parts but she said she didn’t have a sexual encounter with him though.

#6 Matt Lauer & Alexis Houston

Rumor has it that the American TV journalist Matt Lauer has cheated on his ex-wife with a woman called Alexis Houston who was formerly a man named Stuart Wellington. It appeared that Houston was trying to get started her musical career and she even received a lawsuit from the late diva, Whitney Houston, for trying to pass off as her cousin. Nowadays, Lauer is facing several allegations of sexual harassment and the future of one of the most favorite NBC’s hosts certainly doesn’t look bright at this point.

#7 Ronaldo & Three Brazilian Transgender prostitutes

All Hell broke loose when three Brazilian sex workers decided to come out about Ronaldo picking them up for a wild night that also included drug abuse. Finally, they admitted that no drug was involved and they made that part up, simply because the famous soccer player didn’t want to pay them for their services, especially after finding out they were males. For some time, Ronaldo kept denying these accusations but then he finally admitted he wanted to pay them but was annoyed that one of them asked for a lot more money than it was initially agreed. In the end, he appeared on national television and made a public apology for his actions.

Have you already known about these strange trans-celeb encounters? Do you have any other juicy gossip/true story to share with us? If the answer is yes, make sure to do so in the comment section below!

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