5 Weird Fetishes You’ve Never Heard Of

You’ve Never Heard Of

Sex is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most exciting things a person can experience. Nonetheless, some people have the need to make it even more interesting. In order to achieve that, they try to implement a certain dose of kinkiness into their sex life and often, they end up doing extremely strange stuff. However weird these things might be, millions of people all around the world love engaging in exotic experiments in the bedroom. So, without further ado, let’s go on a rather peculiar trip to see the 5 weird fetishes you’ve probably never heard of.

Yiffing – The Furriest Fetish Of Them All

If you truly want to find the answer to the ultimate question “what does fetish mean“, you should definitely look into the first strange thing on our list. Essentially, this fetish is all about having sex dressed in furry animal costumes or outfits. Yeah, it’s extremely weird but it’s also rather popular all across the globe. It’s so popular you can visit shops that design and sell outfits made specifically for Yiffing. These people usually get aroused just by looking at a person dressed in furry animal costumes. Well, we’re not here to judge. We’re fine with whatever floats their boat.

Adult And The Baby Game

When we talk about different types of fetishes, this one is definitely one of the strangest you’ll ever see out there. Anyway, people who enjoy this particular fetish get aroused when they dress up as an adult and the baby. To be fair, this kinky adventure is a two-way street. It allows you to be both the baby and the adult. It’s just a question of what gets you off. People who play the role of an adult have more control over the whole situation.

“Psychrophilia” – Arousal From Being Cold

You probably thought that cold has a negative effect on sexual drive, right? Well, you thought wrong, at least as far as some people are concerned. Psychrophilia is a rather weird fetish that some people have and it can be explained as sexual arousal from being cold or from watching other people freeze. Find someone with this fetish and watch Titanic with them. At the end of the movie, your partner will be all over you.

Girls Who Can’t Start Their Cars

Well, this one is also pretty bizarre, no doubt, but when you think about it long and hard, you can actually see that it’s basically a damsel in distress situation. Men love to see a helpless woman because it provides them with a chance to save the day. This situation gives them a certain feeling of courage and confidence which can be extremely arousing.

“Chasmophilia” – Being Turned On By Caves or Valleys

This is a very rare fetish, but it’s definitely a weird one. People who have it are literally aroused by caves and valleys. So, if you find a date who has this fetish, feel free to take him or her to a little adventure in the nearby cave.

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