5 Unusual Date Ideas Every Girl Will Absolutely Love

When you take a girl out, you want to make a great first impression, right? Well, what if we told you there is a simple way to dazzle her without even having to say a word about yourself? Don’t worry; it is not as complicated as it sounds. You will automatically stand out from the crowd if you can come up with an original date idea. Regardless of whether you are dating HIV singles, cowgirls, biker chicks or BBW, here are several suggestions that will keep you on the right track and help you impress your girl.

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Go to a playground

Pick up a coffee to go and hit the playground. This is a simple yet great idea she will surely love. Playing on the slides and the swings will help her feel like a child again, which can be wonderful indeed. Although it is basically a cheap date, making her feel happy and playful is priceless.

See a burlesque show

If you are going out with an open-minded girl, this is a great option. Not only are these shows sexy, but also classy and oftentimes funny, so you and your date will surely have a great time. However, make sure you ask her how she feels about the idea, so you wouldn’t end up taking her someplace she will feel extremely uncomfortable.

Walk your dogs

If both of you have dogs, taking them to a park is a great way to spend your date. Not only will your furry friends have a great time, but the two of you will also get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere.

Go roller skating

If your date knows how to skate, this is one of the safest bets you can have. Even if she is not that skillful, you will be able to give her some lessons and get up close and personal with her without being too pushy.


Whether you decide to feed the homeless or walk dogs at the local Humane Society shelter, volunteering will give you an opportunity to really bond with your date. You will see from the start if you share the same values and learn a lot about each other.

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