5 Things You Should Keep in Mind when Dating a Trans Girl

TS date 

Whoever says that dating a trans girl is the same as dating a cis lady couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, trans women are women, but going out with them can be tricky. Namely, you have to be careful what you say since you can easily offend her, even when you mean well. However, with some useful guidelines, you will dazzle your TS date with no problem at all. Here are some things you should keep in mind when going out with a trans woman.

It is like dating anyone else

Yes, I know what I’ve said, but when it comes to the level of respect, empathy, and love, there is no difference between dating trans and cis women. If you know how to behave like a gentleman on your date then you have everything you need to date a trans girl.

Educate yourself

Before you hit the TG personals, educate yourself and learn about various aspects of trans life (not just the sex part). If you just Google it, you will find a bunch of information about numerous trans issues, medical care, job opportunities, politics and many other trans-related things, which can come in handy if your conversation hits a bump in the road.

Don’t focus on her genitals

Just imagine this, you are on a blind date with someone you like and you feel nervous as hell. You haven’t even had your drink yet and she starts asking about your little general, how he looks and functions. Would it make you feel awkward and uncomfortable? Of course it would! So, imagine how your date would feel like if you started asking questions about her genitals.

Backhanded compliments

‘Wow, I would never have guessed that you weren’t born as a woman.’  Maybe you are trying to say that you think she is a knockout, but trust me, that is not a way to go. This kind of compliment is just rude since it implies that she is good at tricking people and passing as something she is not. Keep in mind that she is as a woman and that’s how she should be perceived.

Be yourself and have fun

Try to relax and allow your date to do the same. You are probably both nervous so prepare several ice-breakers in advance, focus on your conversation and just have fun and get to know.

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