5 Things Mature Women Can Expect On Their First Date

over 50 dating

If you have been off the market for decades and now you have decided to get back in the saddle, you are probably wondering what over 50 dating looks like. Well, while we can’t tell you when you will find your perfect match or on how many dates you will go on before you meet him, we can tell you what to expect from your first date.

First date jitters

It doesn’t matter that you are in your golden years, you will feel nervous like you did at the high school dance. However, make sure that those jitters don’t blindside you so that you don’t see your date for who they truly are. Trust us, it is so easy to get carried away and project your own hopes onto this new person. Therefore, keep your eyes open, ask questions about the things that matter the most to you and listen to his answers carefully.

50 going on 13

You are a mature, experienced, intelligent woman who knows what she is looking for, so you have nothing to worry about, right? Wrong! Odds are you will feel like a high school girl all over again, questioning your every word and gesture over and over again. Don’t worry, it is not such a bad thing, just take it as a positive sign.

Trust your gut

Who says that you have to go on five or six dates just to see whether your relationship with this man has a future? If your first date is a complete bust and your date seems like a total dud, don’t waste your time going out with him again. Trust your instincts when they are telling you that he is not the one for you.

Take it slow

Mature singles tend to be less impulsive which is a good thing. You probably know that you shouldn’t fall for the first person that comes along and that you need to be patient and wait to meet someone special before you let your guard down.

Expect respect

If you are on a date with a man who is looking down on you or patronizing you, just thank him for the drinks and move on. You need to find someone who respects you and don’t ever let yourself settle for anything less.

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