4 Signs You Are the Girl of His Dreams

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Face it, ladies; sometimes we don’t have the slightest clue as to what the guys we are dating think about us. Do they really like us? Do they just want to get in out pants? Regardless of whether you have met a great guy on a cowboy dating site, in your gym class or in a bar, there are several signs that can help you figure out his intentions. Therefore, read the following and see if he has fallen head over heels for you.

He sends several messages in a row

Do you know that guys usually avoid this? They think it makes them look needy or desperate and they like to act tough. So, if your potential match is double texting without a problem, he really wants to stay connected to you in any way possible.

He loves your bed more than he loves his

Ever since you’ve started dating, he spends a lot of nights at your place and you haven’t even had sex yet! If your guy loves spending time with you, even if that means he has to watch romantic comedies four nights in a row, he is completely smitten.

He runs errands with you

Waiting in a line at the post office, grocery shopping and paying bills are not the most exciting activities in the world, right? Well, if your potential match doesn’t mind keeping you company while you are running errands, this is a sign he loves spending time with you and getting to know you. Come on, what guy would willingly go shopping?? A guy in love, we say.

He introduced you to his friends

When a guy is in love, he wants the whole world to see how amazing his girl is. He introduces her to his buddies and, eventually, his parents. If you have already met his buddies and your beau often asks you to spend time with him and his crew, you are more than just a casual fling to him. Furthermore, if he kisses you or hugs you in front of his male friends, you, my dear, are in a happy relationship.

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