3 Ways You Can Impress a Hot Cougar

Impress a Hot Cougar

If you asked guys from cougar finder apps why they like older women so much, most of them would mention the no-drama benefit. Namely, most of these women were married and got divorced, some of them have kids, but all of them have been through a lot and know what their priorities are.

They won’t call you 10 times a day because they have better things to do and they won’t mention getting married and having babies because they have already done all of that. Furthermore, being with a cougar is like smooth sailing; you just have to figure out the destination. So, if dating these experienced ladies seems appealing to you, follow these tips and you’ll become a cougar magnet in no time.

Let her know that she is sexy

Even though cougars seem like strong and highly confident women, most of them seek validation from others. They want to know that younger guys find them sexy and attractive, and that helps them feel youthful and desirable again. Feeding a cougar’s ego is the best way to turn a wildcat into a purring kitten. Therefore, don’t be afraid to tell her that you think she is beautiful when you are talking to one of these ladies. Pay her compliments and she will start letting her guard down.

Let your youthful energy shine

Don’t pretend that you are a super serious guy; there is a reason why cougars date younger men. Feel free to be spontaneous and a little bit silly, she will find that very charming. On the other hand, don’t act like an immature brat. It is one thing to be playful and full of energy, it’s another to act like a pompous frat guy.

Be straightforward

There is really no need to use cheesy lines! In fact, cougars hate them, just like they hate all mind games and tricks. They have been through a lot and this is why they appreciate honesty and direct approach more than anything. Therefore, when you spot a cougar you like, go to her and tell her how amazing you think she is. Just be confident about it, because if she senses that you feel weird around her, she will blow you off in a second.

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