3 Ways To Tell If Your Relationship Is In A Slump Or If It Is Time To Split Up

dating a widower

When you started dating a widower you were so excited about your relationship, but now when you look at him the first thing that comes to your mind is “Ugh”. It is funny how people we were once crazy about can leave us with an emotional flatline. But how can you know whether you are falling out of love or just in a slump? Sometimes it is difficult to make a difference between these two, so we are here to help!

They annoy you… A lot!

It is completely normal if a partner gets on your nerves every now and then if you are together for quite some time. However, you should pay attention to two things – how patient you are with them and how long it takes for you to rebound from being annoyed. If your relationship has just hit a bump in the road, you will still have a high amount of patience and will cool off quickly after an argument. On the other hand, if you are basically irritated by everything they do and even the sound of their breathing gets on your nerves, it is time to pack your bags since you are clearly falling out of love.

There is no more excitement

Okay, let’s be honest, relationships become less exciting and passionate in time. Those butterflies in your stomach vanish and your idea of a hot date is watching movies on the couch. You have no idea how to make things more fun and you know what your partner will say before they even open their mouth. If this is the case, you are just in a slump and you need to break up the routine and find new ways to make things exciting. However, if you are not even willing to make things work and you are just going with the flow, maybe you are ready to end things and revisit widows and widowers dating sites.

You don’t miss them when you are apart

Every moment you spend apart feels like the end of the world at the beginning of a relationship. Over time, couples spend more time apart without making a big deal out of it. So, if your texts have become less personal, it is a completely normal thing and there is no need to panic. However, if you are looking for reasons to spend time apart and you feel nauseous when they message you, maybe it is time to split up for good.

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