3 Types of Cougar You Need to Avoid

Cougar You Need to Avoid

If you want to date one of those sexy cougars, you’ll have to wait in line. These mature ladies are extremely popular with the guys so keep in mind that you will have a fierce competition. Although most cougars are successful, experienced and independent women, you will probably also run into those that are not exactly relationship material. Heck, they are not even a fling material. In fact, when you spot them, you should run like the wind! Long story short, below you will find 3 types of women you should avoid if you join cougar dating club, so keep reading if you want to find out more.

The Jealous Cougar

A touch of jealousy can be even cute, you know when you mention another woman and your date makes that frowny face? However, excessive jealousy is not remotely adorable. This type of cougar will always want to know where you have been, who you are talking to and who that girl that tagged you on Facebook back in 2013 is. She has probably been cheated on for years, which has turned her into a jealous freak. Steer clear of her or she will make your life a living hell.

The Condescending Cougar

She is a very successful and independent woman, which is great, but the problem is that she treats everyone around her like crap. When you go out to dinner, she will be incredibly rude to the waiters and always act like she is better than everyone. Although these cougars are amazing in the sack because they know what they want and go after it every time, going out with her on dates will be a nightmare. Furthermore, seeing how she treats others will make you feel so uncomfortable that you will get the urge to go around and apologize to people.

The Princess Cougar

If you can’t say ‘Yes dear’ more than 3 times in a minute, you are not her type. She’s been getting everything on a golden plate her entire life, and now she assumes that everyone needs to agree with every word she says. So, if you enjoy being someone’s doormat, this kind of cougar might actually be perfect for you. Otherwise, avoid her like the plague or she will annoy the crap out of you the moment she opens her mouth.

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