2 Biggest Turn-Offs That Will Chase Every Guy Away

Biggest Turn-Offs

If you haven’t been able to find your Prince Charming for a while now and are blaming your size for a lack of love life, we have some news for you. Maybe you won’t like what we have to say, but there is a possibility that your curvy body is not what’s stopping you from finding a perfect match; it’s your attitude that might be causing you troubles. So, if you are tired of being one of the BBW singles, check out this list of biggest turn-offs and see whether you recognize yourself somewhere. In case you do, it is time to work on your attitude and become a better version of yourself.

Having no life

If there is nothing else going on in your life besides dating this guy and you are always available and eager to see him, he might not find you attractive. Don’t get us wrong; enthusiasm is always a plus but if you don’t have friends to hang out with, no hobbies to keep you busy, no job to go to or school to attend and you spend all your time waiting for him to call you, that can be a huge turn-off.

He surely doesn’t want to spend every waking hour with you, so when he is not with you he will probably feel guilty for spending time with his buddies while you are all alone. Consequently, this will make his life miserable because he will think that you’re blackmailing him emotionally.

Therefore, don’t make one person your whole world. Have fun with your friends, work on your career, and find new hobbies and interests instead. If you lead a fulfilled and active life, you will be satisfied and men will find you a lot more attractive.

Being conceited

Although being confident is a huge turn-on, going overboard and becoming conceited is the complete opposite. Therefore, don’t treat others you don’t know poorly, be rude to the waiters, talk down to people or be convinced that you are always right. It is okay to have high-self esteem, know who you are and what you deserve, but don’t get your head stuck in the clouds and think you are a perfect little princess. Everyone has flaws, and so do you.

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